Saul Baumann, CFP®

Wealth Manager

“I really enjoy research and analysis, so I started here as a Portfolio Analyst. It allowed me to dig deeply into various investment types and companies and to help refine our investment systems here at Laurel Wealth Planning. I do like that ‘wonky’ part of the work. But being able to apply this knowledge to people – to understand their needs and goals for the future – is what really drives me. The real reward is knowing what people want in life, what is important to them and what they want their wealth to do for them. I get to help people in a very deep and meaningful way.”

Saul joined Laurel Wealth Planning in 2013 after working as a Financial Advisor at another Minneapolis financial firm. Saul decided to join LWP because of our commitment to research-driven recommendations and an emphasis on always putting the clients’ best interests first.

“Not every firm takes the fiduciary standard. It is a promise that we always put our clients first and offer the most unbiased advice unique to each situation. That is the only way I can work – making sure the research is done well and then applied specifically to what someone needs. Not every firm does both.”

Saul started at LWP as a Portfolio Analyst, where he directed our investment and trading operations. When analyzing client portfolios and recommending changes in line with LWP’s investment strategy and market trends, his understanding of each client’s unique needs and preferences guides his choices. He has now decided to focus on his role as a Wealth Manager, so that he gets more opportunity to work directly with people. In this role, Saul helps our clients meet their goals through offering empathetic, easy-to-understand financial advice that leverages his own skills and our team-based approach including our investment, tax, and estate planning specialists.  

A valedictorian at his Dubuque, Iowa, high school, Saul earned his Bachelor’s degree from Carleton College after attending Colorado College, studying the sciences and math. Prior to working in finance, Saul gained business experience in both the science industry and in sales positions. He especially enjoyed working at a firm researching new techniques in forensics – developing tools for solving crimes, for instance – but knew he had more interest in helping people directly. Seeking a profession that combined his desire to work with data in complex systems with his desire to help people, Saul chose to enter the financial and investment planning industry. Saul has earned his Certified Financial Planning credential, is fully licensed, and is pursuing graduate work in financial planning.

Wealth management is multi-dimensional, with a need to constantly update knowledge. Good wealth managers pay attention to taxes and tax strategies, estate planning, regulations, and the market, and learn how to apply this complex and changing environment in a way that works for their clients. 

“Coming from a science and math background, I have a strong appreciation for academic research and critical decision making. I’m rarely content with accepting conventional wisdom. I strive to look at things objectively and enjoy really digging into the data to seek different viewpoints before forming opinions.”

Away from work, you’ll find Saul enjoying time with his wife, Khara, and their daughter, Brielle. They live on a family hobby farm on the outskirts of the Twin Cities, where they enjoy the outdoors and maintain a large garden. The garden supports Saul’s passion for cooking and exploring new cuisines. He was a Master Gardener for a number of years with the University’s Extension Service, volunteering to help other gardeners with their toughest issues.

Saul has been a downhill ski racing coach and enjoys other outdoor activities including canoeing, camping, biking and running. Active with his family, Saul describes himself as a “person of many interests.”

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Credentials and Licensing

Certified Financial Planner
The CFP® mark signifies substantial training and experience in financial planning, as well as an expectation of practice according to rigorous ethical standards.

Series 65 License
Licenses the holder to give investment advice.