A Balanced Investment Process

Leveraging the benefits of both Buy/Hold and Market Timing makes for a tax efficient investment model.

Leveraging the benefits of both Buy/Hold and Market Timing makes for a tax efficient investment model.

During our investment process with you, we…

  1. Listen first and then help you crystallize your financial goals.

  2. Develop a road map that meets those goals, taking into account all aspects of your financial life.

  3. Determine an investment strategy that leverages both a defensive and offensive stance; this includes assessing your risk level, determining ways to reduce your income tax, identifying important trends and selecting which high-quality investment tools are a match for you.

  4. Implement the plan (in most cases) through Raymond James Financial Services, a national firm known for its vast investment research and objective advice. (Clients have access to this through their accounts.)

  5. Monitor, review and modify through monthly and quarterly reporting, regular meetings with you, and telephone or any communication channel you prefer.

As independent financial advisors, we don’t take commissions – we recommend what our experience and analysis tells us is best for each individual client. We don’t shove charts and graphs at clients. We’ll elucidate the numbers, but we work with clients to understand what they want their money to do for them and then help them follow the course they’ve chosen.

Easy to Start

Most of our clients come to us with some type of financial issue or concern, often related to a significant life transition such as retirement, divorce, or the loss of a loved one, and need help sorting things out. Because we help construct multi-faceted plans, we find that clients with $500,000 or more in invested assets – or those rapidly accumulating toward that level – benefit the most from our expertise.

We serve our retainer clients through proactive investment management and comprehensive financial strategies. Some people begin with that service. Others prefer to start with a fee-based financial plan in order to develop a roadmap toward their goals and to see how we work together. All of our clients have successfully built a significant asset base but want the enhanced confidence the financial stewardship at Laurel Wealth Management can bring.

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