Two Easy Tips for Medicare Enrollment and Mortgage Refinance


Medicare: making decisions during open enrollment. Between October 15 and December 7, Medicare beneficiaries can change their Medicare plans, including drug coverage. Learn more here.

Key Tip! Minnesota residents can receive customized education by calling the Senior LinkAge line at 1-800-333-2433 (website here). This a complimentary service funded with your tax dollars. If you are not a Minnesota resident, click here for a list of potential resources in other states.

Mortgage Refinance: low interest rates may entice! 30-year Interest rates have dropped from just under 5% in November, 2018, to 3.73%(1) (as of 9/25/19).

Key Tips! Click here for a calculator tool to help determine if you would benefit from refinancing. The calculator will show an estimate for how long it would take to break even considering the upfront cost of refinancing; an estimate of new monthly payments; and an estimate of what the overall savings would be through the life of a refinanced mortgage. Also, check the tax deductibility of your mortgage interest with your tax advisor. On Jan 1, 2018, new tax law changed the deductibility rules, and your CPA will know how they apply to you.

Impeachment Inquiry – impact on markets. Our current thinking: an inquiry with no impeachment may result in market fundamentals being the key driver of investment market performance. However, if impeachment or resignation occur, markets could be impacted, but likely temporarily. Barron’s take on it can be found here.    

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(1)  3.73% as of 9/25/19.


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