Team Transitions and Promotions

We would like to share with you that Joe Downes, Wealth Manager, departed Laurel Wealth Planning on August 31. We have much appreciated Joe’s attention to and care for our clients, and deeply wish him well. Joe is taking some much-deserved time off, after which he will seek his next venture. The clients Joe was serving have already had a chance to share their good wishes. If you would like to provide us an email or other communication for Joe, we will be happy to pass it along.


We are delighted to share that Saul Baumann, CFP®, has earned a promotion to Wealth Manager. Saul has been caring for a number of clients, and will now step in to serve some of Joe’s clients. Saul will also continue as our Portfolio Analyst, overseeing investment operations and communicating with you on investment strategy and updates. Please join me in congratulating Saul.

In addition, Mallory Kretman, CFP®, as you may already know, has passed the CFP exam, and been promoted to Associate Wealth Manager. She continues to work jointly with me to serve a number of clients. Our other team members are taking on additional responsibility as well. This is in part made possible by the addition of Jesse Kuusisto and Linda Beduhn to our team over the last two years.

As I have spoken to clients about this transition, a few questions have come up:

Laura, can you handle the load as you step in to serve some of Joe’s clients more fully?
Absolutely, with the support of our strong team.

Laura, if anything happens to you, how would I be served?
As you can see, we continue to develop our team members, encouraging their professional growth through offering experience and educational opportunities, and, of course, rewarding them for living our values, i.e., our standards in serving you (detail attached). No one can predict the future with certainty, and I have planned ahead for any catastrophic event that might occur to me, i.e., an early death or disability. As has been true for many years, I have engaged a team of colleagues whom I highly respect who are with another firm to step in to serve you – supplementing the skills of our then current team – should that ever be needed. My commitment to you is that, at all times, you will be well served.

Laura, how long do you plan to serve us as a Wealth Manager?
I am only age 58, and this is the kind of role that, with a strong team, an individual can actively perform for quite a long time. My plan is to offer my services as long as I enjoy it (and I do), and you let me! Thank you for giving us the opportunity to serve you.

As always, please let me know your questions or comments.

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