Tariffs and Potential Trade Wars

With tariffs and a potential trade war in the news, you might want to take a quick view of this 1.5 minute video. Raymond James Washington Policy Analyst Ed Mills gives his thoughts on the trade discussions with China.

With regard to Europe (per today’s, Wall Street Journal, “EU Pushback Gets U.S.’s Attention”), the U.S. and EU economies are about of equal size, and we are each other’s largest trading partners. Trade is one of the few areas where the EU speaks with one voice. Rejiggering trade deficits with Europe will not be easy – the EU will, and is, pushing back.

Trade rhetoric, and new tariffs, can be worrisome. But, it is key to keep in mind that we are not currently in a trade war, although trade re negotiation does have the risk of going in that direction.

Please let us know your comments and questions, and as you might expect, we will keep a close on developments on your behalf.

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