Update on the Equifax Breach

We’ve been monitoring the developments around the Equifax breach since our initial email on Monday and have the following update:

Equifax has now publicly stated that enrolling in TrustedID, the credit monitoring service that they’re offering free for one year, will no longer jeopardize participation in any potential class action suits that might result from this breach.

Given that this potential legal restraint has now been removed and publicly stated by Equifax, we now advise clients to sign up for the complimentary year of service for TrustedID. (This removes the note of caution about signing up for this service in our earlier email sent out Monday below.)

Things are clearly a mess at Equifax right now, with many questioning the validity of their on-line response as to whether you have been impacted or not. Therefore, we also recommend making a note in your September, 2018 calendar to cancel the TrustedID service after the complimentary year. Relying on Equifax to automatically cancel the service before monthly billing could start at that time feels a bit precarious right now.

As always, please don’t hesitate to enlist our help in any questions that you might have.