A holistic, integrated and personable approach to financial planning

Is your financial planner thoroughly versed in the complexities of your financial world? Is she a CPA, ready to work seamlessly with your other advisors to minimize your taxes? Does she routinely work with more complex financial forms such as family trusts and irrevocable trusts? Is he a CFP who listens to you fully and understands your preferences and needs? If you want your complex financial world streamlined by a team committed to your goals, contact us.

At Laurel Wealth Planning, the connection we develop with you is at the very heart of what we do. It drives our high-touch service, our thoughtful attention to detail, and our proactive, individualized financial planning and wealth management advice. We have developed very specific values and standards for our relationships with clients over the more than 20 years we have served them.

Have you ever wanted to call in a financial “voice of reason” to help you sort through complex issues? When we understand your preferences and priorities, as well as knowing how you think and where you want to go, we can be the advisor you trust for the big questions. We hold ourselves to the highest fiduciary standards, putting your best interests first. By focusing on the complete picture — inside and out — we can bring many opportunities to your attention and help you make sense of the many possibilities facing today’s investors. This includes investment plans, wealth accumulation strategies and wealth preservation, tax reduction, estate planning, planning for retirement, and working closely with your other advisors such as your CPA or attorney. 

Some clients come to us during or after a divorce, after losing a loved one, or when planning for retirement. Whether you have managed your money for years or are facing a steep financial learning curve, we will tailor our advice to help you.

How do you measure your worth?

Building wealth isn’t just about the end game, it’s about allowing you the freedom to do what makes you most deeply happy — now, and all along the way. For some, it’s taking adventuresome vacations, enjoying a second home, starting a business, or helping fund college. For others, it’s being able to spend time with family and friends, making a difference in the community or donating to charity. Whether you are accumulating your wealth, preserving and growing it, or are in the withdrawal phase, your advisors at Laurel Wealth Planning work for you. 

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