Laura Kuntz of Laurel Wealth Planning LLC


We develop and cultivate a personal connection with you. We're in it for the long haul.

Susan Barron and Laura Kuntz


Money is only half the equation — our real joy is in seeing you invest in your life.

Laurel Wealth Planning LLC


It's about living life now, and all along the way – not just some end game in the future.

Mallory Kretman, Linda Beduhn, Jesse Kuusisto


We look at all aspects of your financial life and connect them in powerful ways.

The Laurel Wealth Planning Team


We focus on developing the complete picture – inside and out.

A holistic, integrated and personable approach to financial planning.

How connected do you feel to your financial planner? If you ran into them socially, would they remember your name? How about your dreams and goals?

At Laurel Wealth Planning, the connection we develop with you is at the very heart of what we do. It drives our high-touch service, our thoughtful attention to detail, and our proactive, individualized advice.

When we understand your preferences and priorities, as well as knowing how you think and where you want to go, we can be the advisor you trust for the long term. We hold ourselves to the highest fiduciary standards, putting your best interests first. By focusing on the complete picture – inside and out – we can bring every opportunity to your attention and help you make sense of the many possibilities facing today’s investors.

Will it be worth it when you get there?

Building wealth isn’t just about the end game, it’s about allowing you the freedom to do what makes you most deeply happy – now, and all along the way. For some, that’s buying a boat, taking a lavish vacation or setting up a college fund. For others, it’s being able to spend time with family, making a difference in the community or donating to charity.

A financial plan is not a mandate to stop spending and start saving. To be successful, a plan has to be both sensible and pleasurable, balancing short-term rewards with long-term goals. Money is only half the equation – how you can use it to enrich your life is the other.

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